Announcing: New M.O.M.s (Mothers of Multiples) S.O.S. (Support our sisters)!

I’m super excited to announce that I’m going to be hosting a monthly group for new and expectant mothers of multiples! Minnesota Valley Mothers of Multiples is graciously allowing us to rent a table in their space before their monthly meetings (which usually happen the 2nd Tuesday of the month). Right now, our new MOM SOS is scheduled for Dec. 13, 2016, then in 2017 on January 10, March 14 and April 11. New MOM SOS begins at 5:30, and your first time is free, no need to sign up. But feel free to contact me with questions. Feel free to stay for the MVMOM meeting to follow and find out if you are interested in joining.

With my background in birth and breastfeeding, our primary focus is on multiple pregnancy and birth, as well as planning for those new babies (inclusive of adoptive parents!) and for breastfeeding and caring for those new babies once they arrive! Of course, breastfeeding twins is rarely an all or nothing venture, so we are supportive of feeding those babies the best way we can and getting our new family adjusted and settled into a routine that is sustainable!  And no topic is off limits! I hope and intend that over the course of 6 months we cover content similar to a breastfeeding basics class specifically for Mothers of multiples, as well as some multiples-specific birth information. But information will change week to week and be catered to the interest of whoever comes!

If you are interested, please email or message me, I can add you to our private facebook group. Thanks!



About Nancy Pone

Christian Wife and Mother of six kids, including two sets of identical twins and two singletons, homeschool teacher, Birth Doula CD(DONA), CLEC and Breastfeeding & childbirth junkie, who loves gardening, writing and doing fun stuff with her family!
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