I have a pretty rare experience of being a mother who gave birth to twins, not once, but twice! For all of my twins births, I was blessed to have both good health and an experienced birth doula. I found my doulas to be steady, comforting and encouraging even when everything else was unstable – which provider I was with, the intensity and progression of my labor, the room I was in, the medical procedures being considered, the other people in and out of the room, and my own confidence levels! But my doula knew me, and she was there the whole time. She was like the ‘other me’ who could actually reason and talk and remind everyone caring for me of my preferences, opinions and needs, when I actually could not speak well for myself! She was there… informing me when I didn’t know my choices, reassuring me when I doubted my choices, giving my partner and I ideas on how to cope, knowing to put that cool cloth on my forehead and remembering to take off my wet socks when I forgot because my legs were numb! I knew that if I could help smooth the road for other women becoming mamas, I wanted to do it! So here I am as a DONA certified birth doula. As of this writing my oldest set of twins is 11, and the younger set are 7. I also have singleton that is 4 and a baby! We are busy and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Women who give birth with a doula by their side have shorter labors, less pain, fewer complications and few surgical births, even when studies controlled for other factors. Are you interested yet? The benefits of doula-attended births are established such that more and more insurance companies are starting to recognize the benefits of doula care and some will reimburse you for doula fees!

I like to meet clients at least twice before birth in order to get to know you and what your concerns and priorities are. At the pre-natal visits I will discuss and give you some direction to create your birth preferences and talk over what is important to you regarding the birth of your child or children. We’ll also go over comfort measures you prefer for your labor.

I will be by your side through active labor until the birth of your baby (or babies!) and an hour or so following. I’ll help you establish breastfeeding, and in the event that your baby or babies cannot stay with you immediately following delivery, I will stay by your side until things are more settled. I will also visit you during early labor if it is long and it would be helpful to you.

After birth I like to meet at least once and usually two times to make sure that you and baby are settling into your new life, and that I can answer questions you might have about breastfeeding or caring for you little one(s!) and offer further resources for you any concerns you may have.

We can do the post-birth visits when you prefer, though often one is done before you leave the hospital and one a few weeks after you are home. I can help you continue to establish healthy breastfeeding and bonding as well as strategize on how to get into your ‘new normal’ routines at home. We’ll also have a chance to talk about the birth then.

I have a bookshelf that you may borrow from freely as my client. Besides pregnancy and birth, I also have books on nutrition and health, ADHD, child discipline and education, spirited children, Sensory Processing Disorder, Marriage and various Christian topics – all of which are on my ‘Bookshelf’. If you are also a Christian, I would be glad to pray with you and for you at our visits and your child’s birth.

I currently ask $650 for my services. Some insurance plans may offer coverage for birth doula fees. Please discuss your needs with me if you have need for a doula but are unable to pay the full fee.


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