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Having multiples can be an overwhelming experience. Before birth, you are automatically labeled ‘high risk’, even if you, your babies and your birth are swimmingly healthy. The stress alone of the extra medical appointments, tests, precautions and protocols can make a simple and healthy pregnancy and birth into a frustrating, scary experience. And this is all just BEFORE the babies are here!

Then there is a life adjustment after they arrive! I have been mothering my own multiples for 11 years now!

I have literally almost a decade of personal breastfeeding experience and credentials as a CLEC (Certified Lactation Educator Counselor) and DONA certified birth doula, CD(DONA). 

My goal is for you to feel empowered to seek the kind of care, birth and lifestyle that is right for you and your family. I hope to have the resources to help you find your ‘new normal’ without first loosing your mind!


I currently offer a Mothers-of-Multiples (MOMs) support group for pregnant, expectant (adoption etc.), postpartum and breastfeeding MOMs! It meets at the Apple Valley Senior Center conveniently the second Tuesday evening of the month at 5:30 {with some exceptions… next meeting is Thursday Nov. 10 at 5:30} This is the hour immediately before the Minnesota Valley Mothers of Multiples monthly meeting!)

Your first visit is free, no sign up necessary, just show up and join us! After that, there is a one-time membership fee. We follow a similar format each session. We open by doing a little bit of introduction, then I teach on pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding, followed by some movement-based learning, and finally open floor for questions. I direct each meeting’s content toward the concerns of the attendees.



MULTIPLES BREASTFEEDING : Is it really possible? Is it really feasible? How can I have the best chance at success?  What is success anyway?! We try to make it as simple as possible so you can be successful at meeting your personal breastfeeding goals that are right for your family. This class teaches WAY more than just the ‘double football hold’! We cover issues like how factors in childbirth affect breastfeeding, reading your amazing newborn’s cues, preemie issues, how to build supply, how to use routine to manage the chaos of two or more mouths to feed, pumping, returning to work and handling those night feedings! Triplet+ MOMs – please let me know if you are interested in this class, I will find some experienced triplet MOM resources to help you and customize this class just for you.  3 hours

Group Class fee………….. $50    Offered Privately in your East/South metro home…….$100


978000220_pone-4476-nsEVERYTHING ELSE MULTIPLES: Every book, article and blog can tell you what to expect when you’re having one baby. But MULTIPLES?! How many tests will I have to have? What does high risk mean anyway? Do I have to eat a ton? (But I feel SO SICK!) How is birth going to be different?  What if I’m on bed rest? How do I find a birth provider that shares my values and goals? What should I do with my birth plan? What do  I need to know that no one told me? What if they come early? Do I have to buy 2 (or more!) of everything! How will I get enough sleep? How will my partner and I ever be the same after babies!?! I try to address the major issues (besides breastfeeding, covered in the other class!) of pregnancy, birth and postpartum as they relate to multiples!  3 hours

Group Class fee………….. $50    Offered Privately in your East/South metro home…….$100

*      $10 discount to students enrolling in both classes!


I also have a blog where I have posted about many of the things I am learning being a mother of multiples…check it out at


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